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Three Tips to Getting Along Over the Holidays

Our Guest Blogger: Emily Eichstadt, Life Coach

Wouldn’t it be nice if every family party was fun, peaceful and without conflict and hurt feelings? It can be confusing when people act, speak and think so differently than us.

Once I discovered the four basic personality styles, it rocked my world. I realized that not everybody sees the world like I do; the impact of this revelation has been profound.

We see the world differently. What world so you generally operate from?

World of Control: Do you like to be in charge? Do you tend to tell others what to do? Do you enjoy a passionate debate?

World of Fun: Are you well liked by others? Do you start conversations easily? Are you generally happy and carefree?

World of Peace: Are you a good listener? Would people describe you as patient, calm and easy-going? Do you love to help others?

World of Perfect: Do you like things done accurately and properly the first time? Do you like to know the rules? Do you tend to think things through before jumping to action?

Each world is valuable and needed, one is not better or worse than another, they are all just DIFFERENT. Which world resonates with you the most? Which word best describes you: control, fun, peace or perfect?

Here are my 3 tips for along with

family over the holidays

#1: Understand Yourself – how do you see the world? Self-awareness is important to healthy relationships and knowing your triggers.

#2: Understand Others – how do others see the world? When you are interacting with people, it’s fun to try to figure out how they see the world, especially if it’s different than you.

#3: Be Unoffendable – refuse to be offended. When someone says something that could be interpreted as hurtful, turn off judgement and turn on curiosity. Ask clarifying questions to understand their thought process.

I personally operate mainly from the world of Peace. I like it when everyone is getting along and having fun. When I discovered people from the world of Control actually like to debate and argue, a light bulb went off. I didn’t have to see conflict as something bad, but instead an opportunity to appreciate the way others tick. It is quite different than what’s comfortable to me, but I learned not to take things personally and I found peace in my new understanding of the different personality styles.

May your holidays be filled with love, curiosity and understanding.

Emily Eichstadt is a Certified Processional Life Coach who is passionate about fostering healthy relationships. Helping everyday women develop their confidence sets Emily’s heart on fire. Connect with her through her business page, Emily Life Coach, on Facebook.

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