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Julie Court Motivational Author and Speaker

Julie speaks and teaches on a variety of subjects: Discovering Your Purpose, Developing a Brilliant Mindset, Transforming Your Thoughts, Words, and Emotions, 3 Power Points of Communication, Connection and Communication, 5-Stress Management Strategies, and Managing the Top Ten Stressors.


She has a wide variety of lessons to draw from while overcoming overcoming the wounds of hurtful childhood experiences, mental abuse, betrayal, divorce, employee and client communications, and career transitions as well as lessons from her time as 25 years as a business owner, 15 years of non-profit experience, systems analyst, and elementary school teacher.

Incredible Life Makeover Event

Using audience participation and practical word pictures, Julie engages the audience while introducing Biblical strategies to propel you forward in your journey toward freedom and success. Possible keynotes and/or event sessions include:

Session One: Finding Freedom through Forgiveness is essential to the transformation process.  There is a power and beauty to forgiveness that is lacking in today's culture.  Inspiring stories will lead you down the path to breaking free from the prison of pain.  The process of forgiveness is broken down into three steps and modeled in sample prayers.  


Session Two: Help, I'm Having an Identity Crisis focuses on developing a godly, healthy identity.  As we move through life transitions, we mature and discover who we are in Christ.  In this session, we will uncover four faith anchors that will provide a powerful, empowering platform to move forward in victory.


Session Three: Shifting Your Mindset provides participants with a practical tool belt to control unhealthy thoughts or emotions and replace them with new ones.  Our unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues can be redeemed with God's assistance.  We will break the process down into doable steps and provide practical examples.  


Session Four: Living With Vision presents a simple approach to living for a higher purpose.  There is so much we can learn from those who have gone before us.  Embracing risk, learning the art of reflection, and leaving a legacy are three principles we can apply to build an abundant, satisfying life. 

You can help change lives
by co-hosting a Transformation Event in Your Region.

Use the Contact Tab to contact the ministry and discuss details about how to tailor an event to your group's needs. Personal growth through based on Biblical strategies lead to success and freedom!!
If you are interested in hosting an Incredible Life Makeover one day workshop or booking Julie for a speaking engagement at your next event, please fill out our BOOKING REQUEST FORM and we will contact you.
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