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Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Have you ever thought about why some people succeed and some people don't? Success begins with our thought life and how we frame what we think about. Our lens, filter or frame makes a difference in how we perceive our relationships with people, culture, environment, and God. We can look at God through two contrasting lenses and end up with two totally different versions of who He is.

If we view God through a "What God Isn't Doing" filter, we focus on our failures, mistakes and disappointments and blame God' for all of it. The "What God Isn't Doing" lens highlights what hasn't gone rightin our lives and causes us to continually dwell on our unmet expectations and our pain. This mindset separates us from the heavenly source of our answers. When we focus on the negative, a gloom and doom descends over our thought life and influences our behavior like a black, suffocating cloak.

Instead, we need to look at God through a "What God IS Doing" filter. Through this lens, our sight is focused on how God is helping us and reminding ourselves of what is going right, or what has gone right in the past. The "What God IS Doing" filter brings us closer to God and opens our heart to expect His assistance. When we focus on the positive, it is easier to keep walking foward and our faith will lift us up even during difficult times.

The Bible encourages us to focus on what God has done, to ponder all the things He has accomplished, and to give a long, loving look at His acts. (Psalms 77:12 MSG). If we follow this advice, we will naturally welcome counsel from the Creator of the Universe.

How we view God determines our willingness to receive from him; everything we need is readily available if we will grab onto Him. He can then guide us concerning our finances, relationships, education, recreation, and our spiritual, mental and physical health. If we see Him properly as the all-powerful, all-knowing Source, we have access to all of the wisdom and power of heaven. Our Father in heaven points us toward the right path every time.

Keep looking for what God IS doing in your life. Keep looking for what God IS doing in the Earth. Your outlook will remain more positive and you will be on the road to success in life and success in the Kingdom.

And yes, the glass is half full.

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