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Meditate and Declare

As worship came to a close, the realization that what I wrote in the first 51 pages of my book, Meditate and Declare, to communicate my thoughts about meditation and declaration, God had summed up in three words. We exalt Him. When we exalt him in what we think about and what we speak over our lives we are shining examples of Biblical meditation and declaration.

The actual definition of meditation is, “To reflect upon; contemplate or to engage in contemplation.” My working definition is to purposefully and continually consider all aspects of any group of Scriptures for the purpose of spiritual growth and maturity.

Meditation was God’s idea and it is a key to victorious Christian walk. What we meditate on is as vital as the practice itself. Psalm 1:2 tells us to meditate on the Book of the Law. Psalm 63:6 we are told to meditate on God. Psalm 77:12 tells us to ponder His work and meditate on His mighty deeds. Joshua 1:8 tells us to meditate on His Word so that our way will be prosperous and we will have good success.

God has an answer to people problems and tough circumstances. It is found in Psalm 119:23-24. The principle in these verses is when you encounter problem people or difficult circumstances your job is to meditate on His Word. Verses on forgiveness, the Fruit of the Spirit, mercy, grace, weapons of our warfare, trust and rest are all excellent verses to meditate on during hard times. Psalm 105:2 reveals that time spent in praise and worship are powerful in overcoming situations in our lives. Psalm 119:11 tells us that having His Word hidden in our hearts will help us live a sin free lifestyle. We have been created in God’s image. How did He create this world? He said (declared) it to be and it was. Romans 4:17 also speaks to this concept when it tells us to “call into existence the things that do not exist.” The Word of God is full of promises that are waiting to be activated by your mouth.

I define declaration as speaking forth Biblical truths and waiting in expectation for their manifestation. The combination of meditation and declaration are not about our thoughts or words, rather the combination is about His Word, His ordinances, His precepts, His ways, His statutes, His Law and our mouth.

Declarations can be used to strengthen your faith. In Psalm 62 we see an example of this progression. In verse two, David declares, “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.” He continues to pour out his heart to God and in just four short verses we see him declare, “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.”

When he starts making declarations, he believes he won’t be greatly shaken. By the time he gets to verse six he KNOWS he won’t be shaken at all. Through meditation and declaration, you can and will grow stronger in your faith and resolve as you mature in your walk with God.

Biblical meditation and declarations are two of the master keys of the Kingdom. Are you ready to start using them?

By: Lynn Dehnke, Author of Meditate and Declare

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