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2016: Time to Do Something

Are you ready for a new beginning in 2016? Are you ready to turn over a new leaf perhaps? Are you ready to make a change or looking for a breakthrough? While 2015 was a year of growth, struggle and stretching for me, I am now ready and committed to do something, to do everything in my power, to make a difference in the earth. I proved to myself that I am not weak as I chose to keep going amidst adversity. I am ready to make a statement of faith and ready to bring the power of transformation found in God's kingdom everywhere the sole

of my foot treads.

I encourage you to hope again, believe again, and dream again. God is able to do superabundantly more than you can ask or think... according to His power that works in you!! (Ephesians 3:20) Let Him work in and through you in 2016. The following personal declaration contains excerpts from Andy Andrew's book entitled The Final Summit, pg. 217-218. Join me in reciting this for the next 30 days to refresh our attitudes and reset our thinking. You are salt and light in the world. Shine!!

A Personal Declaration

For too long, I have allowed fearful thoughts to dominate my life. Now I recognize fear as a misuse of the creative imagination that has been placed inside me. In the past, I have allowed fear to shove all hope aside. No more! Fear no longer has any power to stop me from doing what I know to be right and true. I am no longer afraid. I am courageous. Right now, I will do something.

Never again will I allow what I cannot do to interfere with what I can do. Circumstances are rulers of the weak. I am not weak. Neither discouragement nor despair will stop me from doing something and doing it now. I am strong-minded. I can make myself do something I would rather not do in order to get a result that I do want. I will do something now.

My life, which was once a question mark, is now a statement. Story seas do not scare me, for I am the calm in the storm. My past is behind me and my future is bright because now know the secret of the present. I will do something and I will do it now.

Right now, I will do something for my family, friends, and those who do not even know my name. I will let them know that they are valuable in my Creator's sight by my smile, my words, my attitude and my actions. They are all under my control. I am prepared to run my race. I am ready to hit the mark. I will now do my part in restoring humanity.

I will do something and I will do it right now.


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