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Target Practice Anyone? Part II

During the recent Incredible Life Makeover Workshop, I took a huge risk to shoot a compound bow at an archery target during the first session. As I began describing the effects that insults have on our heart, I loaded the arrow, turned to face the target, and brought the bow up to align for my shot. I paused, looked through the site, and released my hold on the string. The arrow shot through the air and pierced something solid. I silently hoped and prayed that it hit the target and not the wall. As my eyes adjusted, I was amazed. The arrow was inside the bulls eye. I was secretly shocked.

The onlookers gasped at the sound of the arrow hitting the target. I certainly had everyone's attention... the risk had been worth it. I went on to describe how betrayal can also cause arrows to stick in our heart and shot another arrow. Praise the Lord; it hit the target as well. I repeated the process a third time for difficult or stressful situations we encounter that injure us emotionally or mentally.

As I described the three steps of forgiveness, based on Matthew chapter 5 and 6, it was the perfect word picture of why we need to forgive. By forgiving those who have hurt us, releasing our resentment, and blessing our enemy, we are symbolically pulling out the arrows from our heart. We position ourselves to receive forgiveness from Father God as we obey and come into alignment with the supernatural power of forgiveness as outlined in scripture.

Join me in making forgiveness one of the strategic weapons we use to keep our heart clean and full of the love of the Father. Take aim and fire away! Forgiveness is in line with the nature and character of Father God. The greater the pain, the greater the final blessing after we choose to forgive. Forgive your way to freedom!

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