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Priceless Love

"AHHHHHH! Help! Oh my God! Help me! Somebody help me!" Panic permeates the atmosphere. Under the terror of darkness, bodies plummet into the icy depths. Surrendering to its fate on April 15, 1912, the mighty Titantic sinks into the deadly waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Jack insistently drags Rose through the chaos, pushing past flailing bodies to search for floating debris to use as a life raft. In a herculean effort to save her, he pushes as she claws her way up onto a floating piece of wood to elevate her shivering body above the encroaching claws of death. Even as he weakens, Jack apprehends a whistle from a floating corpse and places it in Rose's hand. With his dying breaths, he speaks life over Roses' future as he describes her future of having babies, watching them grow up and dying an old lady warm in her bed. Jack makes her promise she will survive.

The shrill sound of the whistle breaks through the black silence. The piercing pitch proves to be her saving grace. As help finally arrives, Rose's rescue is bittersweet because it is too late for her beloved Jack.[i]

Such unconditional, sacrificial acts of love, which bring out the best in humanity, make life worth living. This type of love is priceless, beautiful, and irresistible!

In today's world, unconditional sacrificial love is rare. The good news is that there is an unlimited source of this love available to us as we embrace a relationship with Jesus.

Are you ready for something profound? God is love. When we understand that God is love and receive this love for ourselves, a new adventure begins. This beautiful, unconditional, sacrificial love can become the hallmark of our lives.Let's stop for a moment and close our eyes and whisper, "God is love." What went through your mind? Did you think “Yeah, I know that” or did you hear a powerful revelation in those all too-familiar words?

In our rush to keep going or our attempt to bury the pain, we can miss out on discovering the Lover of our souls. His love can make us rich regardless of how much money we make or how may possessions we own. Value love above all; value love for God and love for people; value love that isn't just words but love that makes a difference. He wants to make a difference in our lives. We were created to live to make a difference with our lives.

Many people have misconceptions about God's love. We have access to the most powerful force on earth if we will open the door and let Him in. If we let go of the lies of who we think He is or who others have told us He is, we can experience the beauty and fulfillment of basking in His love. I have never heard of someone who went to heaven and came back to earth who wasn't changed as they encountered God's supernatural love.

The deeper your experience into the heart of God,

the deeper your revelation of love will be.

Love matters. His agape love changes the world.

My dear, dear friends, if God loved us like this, we certainly ought

to love each other. No one has seen God, ever. But if we love one another,

God dwells deeply within us, and his love becomes complete in us—perfect love!

1 John 4:11-12 MSG

[1] Cameron, J. (Director). (1997). Titanic. [Motion Picture]. United States: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

[i] Cameron, J. (Director). (1997). Titanic. [Motion Picture]. United States: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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